The Imperial Garrison

One of the most well-defended places in Chiaroscuro, the Dynast’s Quarter houses the Imperial Garrison and acts as a center of administration for Realm interests in Chiaroscuro. It contains both a military bases and the estates of several important Dynasts. It is almost entirely exclusive to Realm citizens and only the most important non-Realm dignitaries and guests are allowed, and are always escorted to and from their destinations by Imperial legionaries.

The Garrison is surrounded by steel-reinforced walls coated in a decorative layer of adobe and glass tile mosaics depicting scenes in the long and prosperous friendship between Realm and Satrapy. It has various layers of mundane defense and around the wall is a moat filled with lotus-covered waters that hide water elementals charged with the Garrison’s defense. The homes and palaces within the neighborhood often have their own walls, private guards, and protective enchantments suiting their residents’ needs. Some even have secret passages allowing the residents to fall back to the impenetrable fortress at the center of the Garrison. The entire neighborhood rises on a gentle slope to the military base at the center, which has its own set of imposing steel walls surrounded by a second moat of ever-burning lava maintained by fire elementals. Beyond this is a raised motte on which the actual garrison sits.

This manse-fort itself is the Supreme Bulwark of Steel, and is designed to defend in many directions, using an eight- pointed star fortification layout, with each point defended by fire cannon and heavy ballistae lining the walls. At the very center of the garrison is a tower topped with a rotatable heavy implosion bow. In the yard between the wall and the tower are stables for the cavalry and a hanger for warstriders.

The hearthroom of the Supreme Bulwark of Steel doubles as the war room, and a Gem of Adamant Skin emanates from a slot in the center of the table. The Gem is owned by thecommander of the 25th Legion.

The Imperial Garrison

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