From The Compass of Terrestrial Directions Volune IV: The South, pg 34:

Paragon is the second-largest city in the South, second only to Chiaroscuro. Paragon’s location explains some of its growth. The city occupies a relatively fertile and well-watered section of the Southern coast and has a decent harbor nearby (though nowhere near the scale of Chiaroscuro’s). Paragon’s greatest asset, however, is its ruler.

The self-styled Perfect of Paragon demands absolute obedience to his laws. In return, however, he guarantees absolute peace and order. Just over a million people now accept that bargain. Paragon is like no other city in Creation. Late-night revelers can walk down the well-lit streets without fear, because the only possible threats could come from children, the insane and the few foreigners who are foolish enough to defy the Perfect’s laws. Although Paragon is almost as large as Nexus or Chiaroscuro, life in this city feels completely different. It lacks the undercurrent of danger and menace that travelers expect in other cities. Outlanders find it… creepy. Or maybe it’s just the knowledge of why Paragon is different.

As is well known throughout the South, every citizen of Paragon swears loyalty and obedience to the Perfect. When they do so, an eye-shaped sigil of glowing crimson appears on the palm of one hand. For this reason, Paragon is sometimes called the Watchful City. The sigil is likewise carved on every city gate and government building, with the city’s motto: His Eye is Always on You.

Notable locations in an around the city include:


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