Delzahn Tribal Lands

The Delzahn Empire consists of all the areas of savannah, plain, and desert the Delzahn people lay claim to. Some of these area have settlements, mostly along the fertile banks of the Tamas River. More remote area, however, are the Tribal Lands, where totally nomadic groups roam in the their traditional lifestyle. Some eventually settle in one place, others split the year between ‘settled’ and ‘nomadic’ periods, and others are wanderers until the day they are buried in unmarked graves and their families leave them behind. Some of the prominent clans of the Tribal lands follow.

Taban Arslan Clan (Pop. 1600)

The Five Lions Clan is one of the most fearsome of the nomadic Delzahn clans — they are also the most critical of city-dwelling Delazahn. Any urban dwellers that they capture on raids are put to the sword immediately, and they refuse to foster children from kin who have gone to the cities. Indeed, they hold funerals for their kinfolk who choose urban life. The Taban Arslan are known to have allies among the dholemen who harass the citizens of Chiaroscuro. The leader of Taban Arslan is called Qutlugh Arslan, or Fortunate Lion. While the Taban Arslan rose from Qadentani stock and Qutlugh has technically sworn fealty to Osol Khan, he is much more radical than his Khan and Osol struggles to keep him in line. For the most part, they have an unspoken understanding- as long as Qutlugh’s raiders do not put Delzahn to the sword or raze their tribute cities, Osol allows him to harass the city’dwellers in his domain and demand heavy tribute. For now, Qutlugh adheres to these restrictions.

Mongke Gal Clan (Pop. 950)

The Eternal Flame Clan claims the watering holes the furthest south of the Plain of Windswept Bones. Its leader, a one-legged man named Subik Gal, or Needle’s Eye, is one of the most skilled archers of the Delzahn, and does not hesitate to delve deeper into the deserts to raid caravans traveling north with gems and firedust. Subik is a fervent supporter of Arigh Khan and his clan supplies a large amount of the firedust used by the Tri-Khan’s guards. The Mongke Gal Clan uses firewands more prolifically (and proficiently) than any other Delzahn clan.

Vachir Oyugun Clan (Pop. 1300)

The Thunderbolt Wisdom Clan is the second-largest of the clans. They are led by Suren Vachir, the Majestic Fox, a dereth warrior who has many wives and husbands, and enjoys claiming new ones from those cities he raids. The shamans of the Vachir Oyagun are powerful, with allies among the air elementals of the great windswept plains. The Vachir Oyugun Clan are outcaste, belonging to none of the three tribes and eschewing many conventions of the Delzahn people. Nevertheless, Suren Vachir is a distant relative of the Tri-Khan and sends him proper tribute every season. Despite being outsiders and somewhat vilified, especially by more civilized city-dwelling Delzahn, the Vachir Oyugun would surely head the call if the Tri-Khan ever called the Horde, and Suren himself would likely prove one of the best generals in the South.

Minghan Qatahn Clan (Pop. 1150)

The Thousand Holies Clan is known for its close association with the gods of the Delzahn, and for their rejection of even the basic Immaculate religion. It is only fitting, then, that their shamans act as the keepers of a great secret: the whereabouts of the tomb of Tamas Khan. The clan guards the area around the site of Tamas Khan’s thumnas, but only the shamans are permitted near it. Their leader, Fakkif Qatahn, is critical of the inclusion of the Immaculate Dragons in the Temple of the Sky, but not violent. He and his Surentani king, Tabin Khan, have had many polite debates on the matter, and while they have essentially ‘agreed to disagree’, Tabin Khan has made it clear Fakkif is not to spread his beliefs around the Empire, a fact that chafes Fakkif most sorely.

Delzahn Tribal Lands

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